Double award wins for Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt team in industry recognition

Double award wins for Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt team in industry recognition

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt has been recognized by industry colleagues and peers with two influential award wins. 

The Global Banking and Finance Review handed out the Next 100 Global Award 2022-NBFI to Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt in December, 2022, which highlighted the most innovative and promising businesses around the world.  At the same ceremony, the team also picked up the ‘Most Innovative Financing Initiative Egypt 2022’ Award.

The Next 100 Global Award recognizes strategy, leadership and dedication, highlighting the most innovative businesses from around the world, while the Innovative Financing Initiative recognition highlights companies at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industry using technology to address challenges and creating opportunities to develop high-value solutions that improve user experience and enhance business operations.

Mohamed El Gazzar, CEO and Country General Manager, Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt, said, “These awards reaffirm Abdul Latif Jameel’s commitment to providing customers with a wide range of diversified &  sustainable financing solutions to improve their quality of life and contributing to financial inclusion in Egypt.  I am proud of the team and I thank them for their valuable efforts that have contributed to this achievement.

“In relation to the innovation award, we were especially pleased to receive this because of our work to empower our customers to make the right decisions and manage their finances on their own.  This is reflected in our new digitized services.  Digitization ensures an expansion of our service network to reach all geographical areas in Egypt.”

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt is committed to providing a range of sustainable financing programs which encourage customers to purchase environmentally friendly products, through simple, easy to access procedures and financing options which will suit all incomes.

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance - Egypt Company is one of the subsidiaries of Abdul Latif Jameel, which has a long history dating back more than 75 years, which makes it a great opportunity to benefit from the wide and comprehensive experience in managing its business in Egypt. We come with nearly 25 years of experience in the field of finance and financial expertise in the Egyptian market.